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UK Business Owners and Directors

Take control of your retirement planning

Open a SSAS pension with us and invest in the fastest growing asset class of the last decade

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What our clients say...

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"I contacted Utopia Digital Asset Management in February 2021 as I was interested in investing in cryptocurrencies. Within 3 months, I'd made a return of over 4,700% as the decentralised exchange token they advised exploded in popularity."

"I first started using the services of Utopia in September 2017 as I wanted exposure to bitcoin and ethereum. I've since watched as my portfolio has returned over 5,000%  whilst I've held ever since. It's the best investment I've ever made." 

Dr Catherine C. 

Graham L



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"I recently contacted Utopia Digital Asset Management regarding my pension as I wanted to invest it into cryptocurrencies. The SSAS took about 6 weeks to set up, and my pension is up over 25% in the 30 days since. I'd happily recommend this service to any UK business owner."

James M


Is it finally time to take control of your financial future?

The Utopia Digital Asset Management Crypto Pension (SSAS)

As a business owner, you're used to controlling your destiny - taking calculated risks for bigger rewards. But what about when you want to retire?

Replace the lack of control that most pensions grant you with an HMRC registered scheme that allows investments in cryptocurrencies and also lets you lend back to your business to expand further.

We Work With

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Commercial Buildings

A pension tailor made for you

Our SSAS could help to grow your pension pot AND your business

Invest in Cryptocurrencies

The fastest growing asset class this century

Since 2010, bitcoin has returned over 30,200% to early adopters. In that same time, the FTSE 100 has grown around 41%. Although clearly volatile, cryptocurrencies could increase investment returns for your retirement planning.

Invest in commercial property

Use your pension to buy your office

Our SSAS allows investors to buy commercial properties. You can even borrow up to 50% of the value of a commercial property via your pension scheme (subject to valuation and lenders' criteria).

Lend to your business from your pension

Use your pension funds to expand your company

Our Crypto SSAS has the ability to lend up to 50% of your retirement fund's net value back to your business. This can provide a valuable source of finance to your business whilst also earning interest for the scheme.

Your pension on your terms

Unlock the potential of your retirement plan

The average UK worker retires with around £107,000. This would produce an annual income of about £15,000 a year along side a state pension. Our SSAS allows you to plan for your retirement with the freedom to make your money work as hard as you.

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