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How do you invest in Ethereum?

Investing in Ethereum can be lucrative and rewarding. But it can also be highly volatile.

This is because unlike Bitcoin, other popular digital currencies are utilizing Ethereum as a building block.

Hence for an investor, this means that as the blockchain economy grows and more and more projects build on the Ethereum blockchain, there is the potential for fantastic returns.

If you are also planning to put your money in the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency, here is how you can invest in Ethereum.

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How do you invest in Ethereum

Best ways to invest in Ethereum:

Follow the below-mentioned steps to buy or invest in Ethereum.

Invest in Ethereum with Fiat Currencies

Here you have two modes:

Invest Via P2P Exchanges

Ethereum is purchasable via peer-to-peer exchanges through fiat currencies.

You can purchase Ether seamlessly in these exchanges without submitting your contact information and other personal details. P2P exchanges mean that two parties will work together, and both the investors and sellers can decide on a price and mode of payment.

Through P2P exchanges, you can purchase the coin from a person or a party that already owns it and want to trade it to another person. The significant benefit of P2P exchanges comes in the price - both buyers and sellers can negotiate the price.

Centralised Exchanges (Cex)

Centralised Exchanges allow you to sell or purchase through fiat currencies. However, not all brokers or exchanges are authentic or reputable and comply with all their local rules and regulations.

The best centralised exchanges that you can trust are, Coinbase, and Binance.

Centralised exchanges are the marketplaces where you need to open an account, and after verifying your identity through your submitted details, your account will be opened.

Once your details and identity are verified, you can deposit funds in your exchange account through fiat currencies. And after depositing the funds, you can invest in Ether and transfer them into your digital wallet.

Investing in Ethereum using cryptocurrencies

Decentralized exchanges

A suitable way for users who don’t want to show their identity is to invest in Ethereum via decentralized exchanges.

There are no involvements of the third person in a decentralized exchange. The Ether tokens and private keys are not kept on the exchange’s servers; instead, the keys are given to investors.

For hackers, it is almost impossible to breach decentralized trading exchanges. That’s why most users like to trade Ether through these exchanges. Furthermore, the transactions are also anonymous on these exchanges as no third person is involved.

You can also invest in Ethereum through our fund

Our fund invests in the parts of the blockchain economy that make Decentralised Finance work. That means that we invest in Ethereum along with Bitcoin, Neo, Chainlink and plenty of other quality cryptocurrencies.

Our DeFi Infrastructure Fund is now available on ICONOMI and you can invest from just €10.

The Bottom Line

The crypto market is volatile and unpredictable, and it makes Ethereum investments uncertain, but it is also beneficial and profitable if you know the right way and time to invest in Ethereum. So, be careful, study the market then make your move.


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